Generating AHA! Moments for you.

Let's address your People's Challenges

With a portfolio of more than 30 different seminars and training programs, ​together with my network of inspiring trainers, we can get your Corporate Academy started right away!

​What's IN it for you?

All seminars take just 3 hours, and can easily be integrated into the working day! However, we don't skimp on relevance or any important information. On the contrary: we get straight to the point and create practically-applicable output for all participants.

IN spiring content - a good mix of proven classical methods as well as new and yet to be tested ideas and concepts
IN teractive methods - no made-up case studies; exchange of knowledge and real-life examples is encouraged at all times
IN telligent composition - preselection of relevant and applicable knowledge yet adaptable to suddenly changing requirements IN clusive facilitation - everyone with an interest in the topic is invited to actively participate
– and we mean everyone!

Our Offers

Single Seminars

Single training sessions can be booked individually or as part of small, medium, or large in-house Academy programs, tailored to your needs.​

Further topics and customized seminars available on request.

Training Programs

Training programs, as you will see in the examples below, are a series of three to nine related training sessions, building on each other progressively, and addressing a predefined target group.​