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            PeopleFirst offers a wide range of training and consulting services designed to unleash the potential of individuals and organizations. Our tailored programs aim to foster growth, enhance performance, and drive success.

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            Discover the success stories of our training and consulting projects. Each project reflects our commitment to empowering individuals and teams, driving positive change, and achieving remarkable results.

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            Our Services


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            Leaving you satisfied

            Hear a few testimonies of our valued customers,

            Company team

            Mr. Satish Gurung

            Ministry of Foreign Affairs

            Government of Nepal

            "PeopleFirst provided quality training on public speaking and presentation, tailored to the requirements of mid-level government officials. As part of the civil service entry orientation, PeopleFirst's package instilled the necessary confidence and skills for participants to ensure quality service delivery and competent participation in local and international meetings and negotiations."

            Company team

            Ms. Sajal Pradhan

            Managing Director

            Best Paani

            "As an entrepreneur, I found PeopleFirst’s workshop more practical, contextualized (for Nepal) and effective than other online courses I took and most one-on-one mentorships I’ve had. I particularly appreciated that even after the workshop, PeopleFirst’s team reached out to me to help me integrate my learning into my teamwork."